Dr. Mindel van de Laar is a trained CTI coach. She completed the 5 core workshops of the CTI programme. She is not certified.

PhD coach

As PhD director I noticed the need for support beyond content support. Many PhD fellows have the capacity to do research, but would benefit from support in developing their life-balancing skills, making choices and deciding how to move the research forward. Doing your PhD is a very individual activity, and the doubts and challenges PhD fellows face are not always recognized, and shared. Issues related to time management, procrastination, self-doubt, lack of support, self-management and team management and life choices that influence the PhD work (relationships, health, children). These issues, and more, are often personal, and difficult to discuss with supervisors.

Having completed my own PhD, and having supported over 100 PhD students in obtaining their degree taught me a lot about the uncertainties and need for assistance. The coaching training of CTI offers me the tools to in turn support PhD students within my programme, but also external PhD students (from the UM or elsewhere) 

Premium coach

Each year, as life coach I support 2 or 3 PREMIUM groups. PREMIUM is an honours programme for master students. that focuses on professional development and aims to provide students with more experience in the field of project-based work, thereby bridging the gap between study and career. The three programme elements are: a project (either a more research- or design-oriented assignment for a client from varying professional fields), workshops and master classes focusing on various aspects of professional development (e.g. project-based working and teamwork), and individual competence coaching to work on your personal development.


Why coaching in higher education?

Co-active coaching focusses on a whole person. Separation of study progress, work performance and personal wellbeing is simply not possible. Feeling well in one aspect spills over to better performance in the other aspects of life.

Interested in PhD coaching, or coaching tracks in your PhD programme, please contact

This is possible if from the UM, UNU-MERIT, but also as individual PhD student or programme external to the UM / UNU system.